1. Four Steps to a Great Lawn in Kansas

    Though we find ourselves already sending our kids back to school, we need to remember that it's still summer until the third week of September and your lawn will feel every bit of the sweltering heat. So don't make the mistake of thinking that the cool weather of fall is closer than it is. Your lawn still needs special care to get it through to winter without bare spots, yellowing and disease. As …Read More

  2. And Now the Bugs You Don’t Wanna See

    Last month we attempted to educate our Olathe neighbors on the bugs and insects that are beneficial to your lawn and garden. This month, it's time to look at those bugs you should work to get rid of. Looking out at a lush expanse of healthy, thick green grass, it’s easy to believe that it if it grew in that way, it’s easy to keep it that way. Many homeowners believe that if they simply water i…Read More

  3. The Insects You Want to Find in Your Garden

    One of the more frequently asked questions we receive as landscapers in Olathe is in regards to pest control. Where most homeowners are excited to see their landscape and garden come into beautiful bloom in the spring and summer, many find themselves frustrated and annoyed when it comes to the pests that are attracted to said landscape. Insects of many types can destroy plant life and present so…Read More

  4. Dirty Low-Down on Soil

    Earth. Dirt. Terra Firma. Often overlooked in lawn care and maintenance, a property’s soil literally provides the foundation for all land usage, including lawns and gardening itself. Without quality soil, every aspect of our land use is vulnerable. From irrigation to hardscapes, from crops to building foundations, the soil that surrounds or supports them is of the utmost importance to any stru…Read More

  5. The Need for Aeration

    Comprehensive lawn care and maintenance actually encompasses so much more than a basic mowing (heck, even mowing has its own set of do's and don'ts). From seeding and aeration, to fertilizing and pest control, keeping a lush, green and healthy lawn takes a level of skill and experience that isn't often acknowledged outside of lawn services industry. Where a large majority of Americans desire a bea…Read More

  6. The Intricacies of Fertilizer

    Ask any lawn care expert and its likely you'll get as many different answers to the question "is it really necessary to fertilize my lawn" as there are blades of grass to be.... well, fertilized.  Where there is little debate whether or not a newly planted lawn needs the additional nourishment fertilizer, the argument as to whether an established lawn needs fertilizer continues to grow faster tha…Read More

  7. The Beauty of Using Native Plants in Your Landscape

    Using plants indigenous to the Midwest US delivers a bounty of benefits for both the homeowner and the local ecosystem. As a leading landscaping company in Olathe, we strive to always include the plants that call this area home in our client’s landscape. We have found that native plants yield the following advantages: Unmatched beauty. Lets face it, one of the reasons we choose to make Kansas ou…Read More

  8. The Most Common Lawn Care Mistakes

    We Americans love our lawns. In fact, there are areas around the nation that get downright obsessed about them. We even have a saying about when one thinks that another has it better than them. We don't say "The house is always bigger...", or the "car is always faster..." or even the "wife is always prettier..."; we say "the grass is always greener on the other side of the fence". As a country, we…Read More