Your trees and shrubs are vital to your landscaping. Beautiful, sturdy and lasting, many property owners forget that these features need care and attention in order to grow strong and healthy, live longer and look better.

At Four Star Lawns, everything we do is aimed at providing you with full-service lawn care and landscaping that you can count on to make your property safe, beautiful and lasting.

5-Step Tree/Shrub Care Program
With our 5-Step Tree/Shrub Care Program you will retain the added value that you have put into your landscaping. Our tailored approach to your trees and shrubs will help keep insects and fungus away while at the same time maintaining that green and healthy look that you strive for.


Tree and shrub fertilization is essential to ensuring a long healthy tree life, however it is most often forgotten. Our tree and shrub fertilization is designed to keep these features resistant to disease, pests and injury while strengthening root systems and enhancing nutrients.

Insect and Fungus Solutions

Insects and fungus can destroy a tree before you knew what hit it, not to mention the fact that these both make the tree weak and more susceptible to breaking under pressure. An unhealthy tree is an unsafe tree, and it is important that you treat it right away with the insect and fungus solutions that you can trust.