Your lawn is like any living thing, and thus its vitality gradually decreases with age. Whether from exposure to the heat, the cold, disease, pests, or just the soil losing its nutrients over time, your grass may lose its luscious green, its thick growth, and its health, giving way to brown spots and weeds. That is why our lawn renovation services are so essential to providing your grass with the tools it needs to regain its health and thrive.

We work to revitalize your lawn, whether by fixing the issues that are harming your grass, giving the soil the kick-start it needs to provide useful nutrients to the grass, or providing the lawn with a little extra grass so it can work on fighting off weeds, disease and pests to grow healthy and strong. These lawn renovation services include:


By perforating the ground with small holes, lawn aeration allows water, nutrients and air to reach deep down into the soil and to the grass roots. In addition, the cores left on the lawn after the process break down to provide the grass with additional nutrients which promote growth and life.


Most effective when you don’t have remarkable thatch build-up, slice seeding works by using a machine which simultaneously slices and seeds the lawn, increasing the germination of the seed and allowing it to grow in stronger and faster.

Sod installation services

Because you are basically laying a carpet of grass on to soil that is probably less-than-perfect, sod installation needs to be flawless in order for your grass to take and for it to grow in strong and healthy. Trust our experts to know whether sodding or seeding is best for your lawn.