1. The Insects You Want to Find in Your Garden

    One of the more frequently asked questions we receive as landscapers in Olathe is in regards to pest control. Where most homeowners are excited to see their landscape and garden come into beautiful bloom in the spring and summer, many find themselves frustrated and annoyed when it comes to the pests that are attracted to said landscape. Insects of many types can destroy plant life and present so…Read More

  2. The Beauty of Using Native Plants in Your Landscape

    Using plants indigenous to the Midwest US delivers a bounty of benefits for both the homeowner and the local ecosystem. As a leading landscaping company in Olathe, we strive to always include the plants that call this area home in our client’s landscape. We have found that native plants yield the following advantages: Unmatched beauty. Lets face it, one of the reasons we choose to make Kansas ou…Read More